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Thunderbird Arsenal

At the crossroads of innovation and resilience, Thunderbird Arsenal emerges as the beacon for tactical superiority.


Made in Oklahoma, our gear equips heroes with the confidence to face any challenge.

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Our Products are MADE IN THE USA

At Thunderbird Arsenal, we believe that every shot should be perfect. That's why we craft our products with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you're an avid shooter or just starting out, our gear will help you feel like a professional.

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Expert Services for Superior Shooting Performance

Our training programs cover a wide range of techniques, from fundamentals to tactical training, and our custom firearms are tailored for optimal performance.


This holistic approach aims to enhance both confidence and capabilities in handling firearms.


Take your shooting skills to the next level with our comprehensive firearm training at Thunderbird Arsenal.


Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your expertise, we offer a range of training options, including gun safety, basic handgun, conceal carry, bolt action rifle operating, and combat rifle courses.


Upgrade your shooting experience with Thunderbird Arsenal's firearm customization service. Our experts will customize your rifle to make it more accurate and have a farther reach.

We offer services like barrel changes, reboring for faster spin rate, and creation of custom ammunition specific to your rifle.

Whether you're a hunter or a shooter, our customization will enhance your experience and make you more effective in the field.

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About Us

Thunderbird Arsenal, rooted in the spirit of American innovation and resilience, stands as a testament to excellence in the defense industry. Born from the union of a mechanical engineer and a Air Force veteran in Oklahoma, we are committed to serving our community with reliable, high-quality ammunition and weapons. 

Our mission and vision are clear: to equip officers, protectors, and citizens with top-tier tactical products that ensure safety and sovereignty. We dream of a world where American-made gear is not only preferred but essential for national security, crafted with integrity and ingenuity in Oklahoma. 

Join us in our commitment to equip our nation's defenders with the gear they need, made with integrity and ingenuity right here in Oklahoma.

We guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back.

'Shea and The Other Guy'         

AR 10 Armalite.jpeg


High Quality Parts from the Best Brands

Our builds feature exclusively top-tier parts and accessories, ensuring unmatched accuracy in your shooting experience.

"Thunderbird Arsenal's ammunition delivers unmatched reliability when it counts."

Nate L.

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